About Us

How We Work

  1. We stock a large selection of tyres available to the South African market.
  2. Once you have made your selection and have made payment your order will be generated and processed with the tyre brand that you have selected.
  3. On your chosen fitment date, Utyre will contact you to confirm the delivery time.
  4. Your tyres will be dispatched to our mobile unit and fitment will then take place at your confirmed location and time.
  5. Our prices include onsite fitting, balancing, new valves and weights.

How We Do It

With Utyre’s online booking service, ordering and having new tyres fitted is now as simple as a couple of clicks. You are able to search your tyre requirements, make a booking at our online diary, do the payment online and you have the added advantage of our Mobile Fitment Unit come to you whether at home or at the office at no extra charge, when you buy 2 or more tyres.

  • Once we are on-site, at your chosen fitment location, we do an all-round car inspection and ask you to sign off on any pre-existing dents, chips and damage to your vehicle and wheels.

  • After we ensured that your vehicle is on a level surface it will be lifted, one wheel at a time, with a pneumatic airjack and suspended on trestles.

  • On removal of each wheel we replace the old valve, the new tyre is fitted and balanced, in our mobile unit.

  • Once all your ordered tyre/s have been replaced your wheels are fitted and your vehicle lowered.

  • In finalising the fitment you will be asked to witness the fastening of all the wheel nuts and do a final inspection.

Disposal of Tyres

We do not charge for the removal of your old tyres. All old tyres are either recycled into furniture, kids play apparatus or it is removed to Redisa. 

Wheel Balancing

  • We use the latest computerised balancing equipment which calculates the exact weights and the location of the counter weight.

  • Wheel balancing reduce fuel consumption as well as wear and tear on suspension and steering.

  • When having new tyres fitted balancing is essential to prolong the life of your vehicle’s new tyres, therefore we include balancing of new tyres.

  • In event of replacing only one or two tyres the remainder of your tyres will be balanced and charged accordingly.

Wheel Alignment

  • Although alignment is optional in your order, it is a preventive measure,
    keeping  your vehicle on the road and your family safe.
  • Properly aligned tyres  are more efficient in slippery conditions, prevents your car from pulling to one side, and as such prolong the life of your tyres.
  • When aligning your vehicle wheels you are ensuring that they run parallel with each other and perpendicular to the road.
  • Although it is not compulsory, having your wheels aligned every time you have new tyres fitted to your vehicle is a  good idea.
  • Alignment should preferable be done  every 10 000km.

Wheel Rotation

Rotating your vehicle wheels is good practice.
Rotating should take place every 8 000km. It is commonly done by moving the right hand back tyre to the front left and the front left to the back right hand position, and a similar switch with the left hand back and right hand front tyre.
Once you have had your tyres rotated by Utyre we will remind you on a six monthly basis of your rotation and book a rotation if required by you.

Areas We Service

We work on a weekly schedule, dividing Cape Town into three areas and servicing those areas exclusively on specified days.

In doing so we ensure that our time-keeping is spot-on and we keep an eye on our carbon footprint.

View the map for the scheduled days.